“We are the longest running exclusive sustainable building products manufacturer in the world, making earth friendly products and processes before the word “GREEN” was anything more than just a color.”
-Joel Klippert, Founder/President

RecycleTop® is the latest innovation from award-winning sustainable building products manufacturer, KlipTech®. As a recycled paper counter top surface for the Do-It-Yourselfer, RecycleTop® brings modern class, beauty, outstanding durability, and cost effectiveness together in one.

Comprised of a 100% post consumer recycled paper fiber and a new 50% rapidly renewable corn and cashew based resin formula, RecycleTop® is now at the forefront of a cost driven, sustainable construction market, given its user friendly nature, scratch & stain resistance ability, and impact resistance capability. This product has come back from our roots, much like our first paper based invention, as more of a darker color product line for low cost projects made in several thicknesses.